Improve Your Response to Customer Demands

  If your largest customer left, what effect would it have on your business? A recent survey shows 70% of defecting customers leave a company because they feel they're not treated well.

The root cause is poor order fulfillment in terms of accuracy, on time delivery, and quality as well as poor communication to the customer. These issues are exacerbated by the inability of employees to give customers immediate answers, other than the quantity, price and date when ERP does not work according to plan.

ERP systems typically make it impossible to answer the "how, where and why" of order fulfillment, quality and pricing problems. This missing data is typically hidden in islands of information at the "individual user" level in the form of emails, handwritten notes, voice mail, undocumented conversations, etc.  

There is a serious communication disconnect between sales, manufacturing, purchasing, shipping, customer service, customers, and vendors. This disconnect is caused by this "hidden data" and creates lost sales revenue, frustrated customers and employees, and wasted time and dollars.


Final Linkô provides the missing data needed to serve the customer in the manner
they demand by enabling faster and better educated decisions.


The Threat of Hidden Data

  Are you able to give your customers the information they want about why something went wrong and what you are doing to correct the problems without making numerous phone calls and having meetings?

What products are creating the most quality problems and what is being done to address them? What customers have been affected?

What complaints has a customer voiced of the last year to sales and customer service and how were they handled? How many are still open?

How many times have you stopped a production run for a customer emergency?

How often does a customer get two different answers?