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Version 8.0 Product Upgrade, June 1, 1988


General Manufacturing Enhancements

Rough Cut Planning
Factory Data Collection Interface
Production Order Batch Interface
Job Specifications
Net Change MRP
MRP Filtering Enhancements
Multi-Level MPS
Period End Control in Inventory Control
Departmentalized Product Maintenance
Selected Product Cost Rollup
Simplified MPS Source Rule Handling
Decimalization  Phase 11
Lot Processing  Phase II
Add Requisitions to DRP
Balloon Number Support
Reference Designator and PS Text
User Profile Cost Flag Enhancements
Landed Cost
Material Burden Support
Available to Promise Inquiry
Routing Master Inquiry
Projected MPS Inventory Reporting
Material Shortage Reporting 

Repetitive/Process Manufacturing Enhancements 

Just in Time Planning in MRP
Flow Order (Schedule) System
Production Scheduling Workbench
Line Support for Schedules and Capacity
Enhanced Inventory Movement Support
Backflushing of Material
Simplified Production/Labor Reporting
Transit Time Enhancement
Production Management Reports 

Multi-Plant Enhancements 

Inter-Plant/Division Inventory Transfer
Corporate Consolidated Financials
Divisional Cost Variance
Centralized Distribution
Centralized MPS/Rough Cut 


Full Order Pricing
Promotional Pricing
User Defined Order Type/Post Billing Processing
Open Order Reporting Enhancements
Order Entry and Maintenance
Customer Quotations
Bookings Reporting
Auto PO Creation From MRP 


General Ledger 

Menu Master Implementation
Enhanced Allocations Capability
Enhanced Report Writer Capability
On-line Financial Analysis Workbench
Foreign Currency Conversion 

Accounts Payable 

Additional Check Overflow Options
Additional Check Print Sequence Options
Additional Payment Selection Criteria
Memo Text for Vendors and Invoices
Discount Analysis Report
New Trial Balance Report
Easy Payment Cancellation
Landed Cost - See Purchasing Enhancement
Increased Price Field Size 

Accounts Receivable 

Memo Text for Customers
New Trial Balance Report
Corporate Statements
Increased Price Field Size 


Menu Master Implementation
Alternate Withholding Feature
Enhanced 401(k) Calculation Capabilities
Enhanced Shift Premium Capabilities
User Control of Vacation/Sick Accruals
Union/Class Rate File
On Demand Check Processing
Full Time/Part Time Tracking
Mass Timecard Entry
Mass Deduction Entry
Payroll Edit Report
Enhanced Check History Inquiry
Direct Deposit
Deduction Backlog 

Human Resources

Menu Master Implementation

Version 8.1 Product Upgrade, July 12, 1989 


Provides internal transfer capabilities from the Forecasting application to the Distribution Requirements Planning and the Master Production Scheduling applications.  Users can enter and maintain forecasts and following approval, transfer the results to the DRP and MRP applications in either a single or multi-plant environment. 


Users can review planned replenishment orders for purchased items directly from the Purchasing application.  Requisitions can be created from planned orders either in total as a single command or by selectively combining and deleting orders prior to conversion to requisitions. 


Provides capabilities to summarize loads by subsections of the work center field as defined through system control.  Provides new inquiry and report formats to facilitate analyses of load by day over various groupings and through time. 


New features to provide additional capability to calculate, record and report VAT for the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden and the Benelux countries. 


A significant performance enhancement that will allow users to control, by accounting period, the posting of general ledger transactions to the general ledger summary file.

Version 8.2 Product Upgrade, May 18,1990 


Repetitive/Process Manufacturing

Production Scheduling Workbench (PS) Enhancements 

Accept MPS Orders as Input
Create MPS Order From PSW Add
Support Flow Order Schedule Offsets
Perform Shift-Level Scheduling
Perform Alternate Line Scheduling for Released Flow Orders (RFO) and Finned Flow Orders (FFO)
Provide an Enhanced Line Impacts Display
Provide Upper Date Limit for Released and Firmed Flow Orders
Add Ease of Use - Users can add (insert) products to the production line schedule at any point on the PSW screen. 
Potency (Active Ingredient) Processing 
The addition of Potency Processing to the Purchasing, Inventory control Shop Floor and Product
Soft Bill Maintenance for Flow Orders 
Flow Order Pegging for Consolidated Pick 

Other Manufacturing Enhancements 

Lot Testing

Batch Production Transaction Processing Enhancements

Support Crew Labor Reporting
Allow By-Product Reporting
Disconnect Labor Reporting from Production Reporting 
MPS Order Purge 
Multiple Units of Measure and Quantity Rounding in inventory control and Shop Floor 
Product Structure Enhancements
Duplicate Components allowed
Zero Quantity Per allowed 

Cycle Counting/Physical Inventory Enhancements

Manual ABC Classification
Improved ABC Analysis
Automated Accounting Warehouse Write-off 

Cross Applications (System-Wide) Product Enhancements 

Journal Management Function
System Control Strategic Maintenance
Menu Master Enhancements
Added Online Help to the AS/400 Version.
Added New Error Message Processing.
Added a System Control Inquiry and Enhanced the Existing Audit Report. 

Menu Master Enhancements 

Hot Key (Attention Key Processing)
Option Level Security
Menu Maintenance - Maintenance time is reduced through the use of tine insert and delete capability.
Flexible Group Job Sets
User Profile Copy Capability
Call Programs From Menu Master Driver Program 


Accounts Payable 

Accrued Accounts Payable Reporting
Standard Account Distribution Sets
Non-Check Payment Processing
System generated Voucher Numbers
Invoice Registration (Received but not approved) and Pending Approval Report
Enhanced Inquiry
Value Added Tax (VAT) Purchase Differentiation
Reporting - VAT enhancement
VAT Adjustment
GL Purchases Reporting 

General Ledger

Multi-Currency Consolidation
ail transactions 

Fixed Assets 

Redesigned Menus
GL Option to post journal entries to interface file
Online Validation of General Ledger Account Numbers
Reporting - Post to an accumulated depreciation account at any organization level in the General Ledger. 

Accounts Receivable 

Ability to Issue Negotiable Bank Draft Identification or Check Reversals and Adjustments
Corrections and Minor Enhancements to multi-currency processing capabilities. 


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Batch Order Entry
High Volume Order Processing
Kit Processing
Supplemental Orders - Additional Default Orders
Enhanced Allocation Support
Automatic Pick Slip Release
Enhanced Order Inquiries
Enhanced Alphanumeric Search Capabilities
Supersede and Substitution Logic
Gross Margin Report
Distribution Available to Promise Inquiry
Enhanced Order Inquiries
Enhanced Alphanumeric Search Capabilities

Product Master

Product Description
Alphanumeric Sort Code
Product Class

User Defined Class 1
User Defined Class 2
Synonym Code I
Synonym Code 2
Synonym Code 3

Customer Master and Ship-To Master

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Line 4
Postal Code
Phone Number
Alphanumeric Sort Code

Supersede and Substitution Logic
Gross Margin Report
Distribution Available to Promise Inquiry

Version 8.3 Product Upgrade, April 12,1993 


Currency revaluation at year end in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
Dunning notices
Multi-company G/L consolidation
Prepaid invoicing improvements in Accounts Payable
Product costing enhancements
Multiple units of measure in Order Entry
Line insert in order entry
Customer master maintenance rewrite
Credit Debit Memo reprint
Distribution Product Enhancements
Trade Allowances
Forecasting can use 36 months of demand
Outbound EDI interfaces - Order Entry

Manufacturing Product Enhancements

Common Order Point Techniques
Blanket purchase orders
Outbound EDI interfaces - Purchasing
Purchasing Fusion Reports replaced
Lead time offset
Production order close options
Production Routing Text
Manual Work Order Allocations
Consolidated Pick improvement
Production Scheduling Workbench Views added
Inventory revaluation improvements
Orderless Shop Floor
Enhanced inventory transaction code display
Discrete multi-level backflush
Enhanced MPS Inquiry
Batch Work Order Creation
Automated Interplant Demand Transfer

Cross Applications (System-Wide) Product Enhancements

Program Locking Matrix improvements
Version 8.3 Installation improvements 

8.3 Maintenance Tape 9409

Global BOM Maintenance
PSW Performance Improvements
Product Assembly Compare Reporting

Version 8.4 Product Upgrade, October 31, 1995

S/38 version not supported. OS/400 version 2.3 required.


Cost Analysis Workbench

PO Disposition Movement for CA-CA-PRMS scan

Export Documentation interfaces

NAFTA and AALA Support

Vendor Scheduling

Australian Sales Tax

Enhanced Purchase Price Variance Reporting

Blanket Release Creation from MRP (POO900)

Process and Display Enhancements in MRP PO Creation

Multi-Currency Data on GL Interface files

Quality Control Without Lots

Scheduling Options for Past Due Load in CRP

Repetitive Manufacturing Enhancements

Orderless Consolidated Pick

Shortage Reporting by parent

Position to In PSW

Date-shift default in PSW

Production Reporting Lookups

Production Reporting After Crew Changes

Exclude Capability for Orders in Finite Rescheduling

GL Account Number Expansion to 15 digits in AP

CUA Function Keys

21st Century Date Support


Client-Server (PC Windows and AS/400)

Sales Order Entry

Purchase Order

Vendor Entry

MRP Action Messages


Client-Server Extensions Delivered Between V8.4 and V9.0

Buyer's Workbench

Engineering Document Management and CAD Interface

Sales Analysis Workbench Upgraded to Visual Express

Cost Analysis Workbench Reporting with Visual Express

AP Invoice Entry

AR Invoice Entry

Customer Maintenance

Scheduling Workbench

CA-PRMS Workbench - Generalized CA-PRMS Reporting Tool with Visual Express 


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