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PRMS™ Version 9.1 Brings New Functionality to Your Operations

Your competitive edge depends on lean manufacturing and decisive reactions to changes in the marketplace.
PRMS™ remains pro-active by providing enhanced capabilities to the already robust package with the introduction of Version 9.1.

As the foremost PRMS consulting firm, Systems Conversion Ltd has compiled this "white paper" of Version 9.1 Features & Benefits.

In this comprehensive report, we outline the general features and enhancements introduced in this release, stressing the benefits to your applications. 

The planners can now look at MPS, MRP and DRP exception messages on an exclusive report. Do they want to see only "reschedule out " messages for July, so they know when to take vacation? At a glance, they can see those items without other messages or unneeded data in the way! 

Is there confusion on the shop floor every time a rework, relabel or 
repackage order comes  through 
because Part A is still Part A, but it's called Part AA because the system won't allow a circular soft bill? Problem solved with 9.1!

Have you written your own Sales commission report with a clumsy interface to PRMS? Did your last sales manager retire to Aruba after he got his first commission check? Are you entering data in two systems to determine who gets what commission? PRMS now has an integrated Sales commission function. 

Are the engineers ripping their pocket protectors every time a developmental product gets shipped out the door before final approval? Have you incurred regulatory action for shipping improperly registered material? With Product Lifecycle Management, planning and production can work with new products without fear of premature sales orders or shipments. Conversely, old or out of favor products can be regulated. Do you still have the power lawn mowers without the "Do not use this product to shave your face!" government warning stickers on them? PRMS can help!


How many non financial people have General Ledger account number lists, first written in 1982, taped to the walls and ceiling of their work stations because they can't seem to remember the 14 digit number for Florescent Sticky notes? There is now a prompt available to search by description!

These are just a few of the problems solved with the added functionality of version 9.1

Read on and see what else you can accomplish faster, better, cheaper, safer and smarter.
You can show your list to everyone and they will be amazed at how many informal systems will disappear when you convert to PRMS version 9.1.

To apply these changes for the very best results, let SCL be your partner. Our experienced and proven consulting and technical staff will lead you through the peaks and valleys of conversion to a successful conclusion. 

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